Paving the way out of the crisis (UEAPME priorities for the Hungarian Presidency)

Paving the way out of the crisis (UEAPME priorities for the Hungarian Presidency)

"The incoming Hungarian Presidency will be a crucial period for the further development of the European Union and especially for Europe's economy. First of all, it will have to start the implementation of the new European Strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth (EU 2020) by given the flagship initiatives on innovation, qualification and industrial policy the right orientation.
Secondly, the Hungarian Presidency will have to deal with the political conclusions from the "Mario Monti report" on the future of the Internal Market, which must focus on two priorities: to complete the internal market and make it a reality for all businesses and consumers and at the same time to regain the political support for the Internal Market and for the European project as such.
Finally, and probably most urgently, the year 2011 will have to be used to pave the way out of the current financial and economic crisis, which includes regaining of confidence by proper reregulation of financial markets, agreeing on exit strategies for public debts and costly support measures and investing in future growth and employment.
As our newest "European Craft and SME Barometer" demonstrates, it seems that the recession has come to an end, but there are few signs of a sustainable upswing. Companies are still hesitating about the future economic developments and are very reluctant as regards employment and investment."

Source: UEAPME position paper - 13 October 2010

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