Public Deliverables

D2.1 A paper entitled “Requirements, Barriers and Enablers for SMEs to Benefit from Research Capabilities”
D2.2 A review of indicators to measure the success of knowledge technology transfer schemes for SMEs
D3.2 PU EJS (Experts Judgement Survey): questionnaire and process guidelines
D3.1 Database of experts and policy-makers in the identified geographical regions
D3.3 Database of identified programmes, including the list with the more successful implementations according to survey with the programme details presented in templates and success factors addressed
D4.1 KPi for KTT programmes-in-practice - P
D5.1: Methodology for Case Studies of KTT for SMEs - PUBLIC
D4.2 The List With The Most Successful Programme Implementations According to KPI Indicators (63 cases: 50 PSR and 13 PPIP)
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